Extra Infos

DoW:R is a unique experience that combines an strong backgrounded history, and a vast world to explore, the player will be allowed to travel between planets and city in their.

Key Features-Strenghts

  • An awesome story of a of geopolitical war and interest around an imagined universe
  • Travel between many planets, and visit it.
  • Powerfull inventory system that allow the player to custom his stuff as it would.
  • Dynamic skill system, the player skills evolve during the play by analisis of his game style.
  • High quality and dynamic A.I. system
  • Use your skills to solve enigmas and overcome the enemies with head-on collisions and with stealth mode
  • A great cinematic experience with engaging graphics.

 Target audience:

Targeted for 16 to 40 years old gamers, both male and female. The game has both male and female characters who will become companion of the player, and beautiful worlds that will appeal to fans of strong gameplay and visual stunning experiences. To reach the broadest possible audience, the game will have intuitive controls and a quick learning curve.

 Style: Sci-fi, Thriller, Action,

 Theme: Realistic environment and world.

Platform: Pc: Windows/Mac